The Biggest First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

When buying a property, you don’t want to make the wrong decision and waste money or ignore something very important. So, it is good to educate yourself and be aware of mistakes, so you don’t make them and avoid the stress of the wrong decision.

1-Miscalculating the Full Costs of Buying

Buying a house is a really big thing of your life.  Besides down payment programs, there are many other expenses like sunk costs, paying home inspector and appraisal fee. The Best way to determine an estimated list of fees is to speak with all the roles involved in the transaction.

2- Only Fixating on the House

While buying a house, surroundings are also very important. While buying a house in a new area it is very important to analyze things like crime rate, school systems, sewerage system, public transportation, and markets

3- Being Close-Mindset about Inventory

Sometimes, we ignore a real estate where the marketing efforts are lacing or based on low-quality photography. Don’t put off a real estate like this, you should fully explore your option and keep an open mind, go through its attributes to make a decision.

4- Letting Emotions Override Your Wallet

Buying a house is an emotional thing and its fine to fall in love with a house. Let your emotions to guide your decision. But where finance is the critical point, balance your emotions with logic. It’s always better to know fair market value and justify your purchase price.  

5- Getting Distracted by “The Small Stuff”

Buying a property is not the only thing, there are many other responsibilities that come up into account. Heating/cooling system, digitech, roofs, windows, siding and paint colors are fundamental things. Ask about the life of these and consider the budget for repair.

6- Misunderstanding the Role of Real Estate Agents

It’s very important to know the role of the agent in the transaction. Normally the agent acts as a seller, but if you’re not sure you can ask for the consumer-license disclosure form, which tells whether he is acting as a seller agent, buyer agent, dual agent, facilitator etc.

7- Forgetting Contingencies in the Offer

Signing the contract is a real business. Read the contract carefully and consider everything according to the point. If there is something that is missing don’t assume that the seller will bend, you should ask to add that thing in the deal

8- Skimping on Due Diligence

Before buying a house it’s important to research the property and neighborhood. it takes time and energy, but it’s worth it and save you from major issues. It good to meet neighbors and consider the future development impact on the property.

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